Sakthi Portugal Brands

The brand SAKTHI PORTUGAL had a rebranding in 2014, which reinforced its personality going from a foundry brand to a brand of knowledge. The award-winning growth strategy, Butterfly, has made it possible to evolve along the value chain with new facets.

The new brand structure consists of the "umbrella brand" (Sakthi Portugal) and, under its control, other sub-brands: industrial brands and entities for assistance.

The graphic alignment ensures the serious, capable and competent communication nature of the Brand. The signature (Part of You) and 4 common values reinforce their coherence and their identity.

The use of colour and designations / activities in the brands of the various industrial facets intend to impress upon them a young, autonomous and living personality.

Complementing the Brand, accompanying the dynamics of companies and the methodology management, there is a set of brands of business units and projects. The School project, CITNM, is autonomous, having its own identity and it unfolds from knowledge.